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Allegations regarding "Butch" Merritt, Watergate, Intelligence Agencies and "Crimson Rose,"Vol.XXIII PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kris Millegan   
Friday, 29 April 2011 15:50

Allegations regarding "Butch" Merritt, Watergate, Intelligence Agencies and "Crimson Rose," Vol. XXIII

By Kris Millegan

Splitting HaresPart Three

And Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve, went unto the chief priests, to betray him unto them.
And when they heard it, they were glad, and promised to give him money.
And he sought how he might conveniently betray him.
                                                                                           –Mark 14:10-11



Confidential informants change history.


After World War One, Hitler had stayed in the army as one of their trusted political agents. In this capacity he was sent to report on one of a large range of political groups that sprang up in Munich in this period, to see whether it was dangerous or whether it could be enrolled in the cause of counter revolution. This was the German Worker's Party, founded on 5 January 1919. The fledgling party was in fact another creation of the hyperactive Thule Society.


Captain Ernst Roehm, a brillant soldier during WWI, was in 1918 a  prominent leader of the District Command: he served as liaison between the District Command and the German industrialists who were directly funding the District Command to help it fight communism. Captain Roehm and many other members of the District Command were members of a mystical organization known as the 'Thule Society' [Thulegesellschaft].

The Thule believed in the Aryan super race' and it preached the coming of a German 'Messiah' who  would lead Germany to glory and a new Aryan civilization. The Thule group was financed by some of the very same industrialists who supported the District Command. The Thule was also directly supported by the German High Command (GHC)."

He met Adolf Hitler in 1919 when Hitler was spying for the GHC and he helped to launch Hitler's political career. Roehm organized the storm troops  (Sturmabteilung or SA), the militia of the National Socialist (Nazi) party. The SA's role in the National Socialist movement provoked conflict between Roehm and Hitler, who wanted the SA to be an instrument of the Nazi party, rather than Roehm's private army. Roehm was imprisoned briefly for his participation in the abortive beer-hall putsch (1923). After his release conflict with Hitler flared again, and Roehm resigned (Apr., 1925) his party posts.

At the end of 1930, Hitler recalled him as SA commander. Within a year, Roehm had developed a large army and was Hitler's principal rival for party power.  After Hitler became chancellor (Jan., 1933), Roehm pressed unsuccessfully for SA control over the regular army. Late in 1933 he was made minister without portfolio. In June, 1934, he was coldly shot by SS men in Hitler's blood purge, supposedly because he had been planning an SA-led coup. He was 47.


1919 Adolph Hitler joins the Thule Society, which founds National Socialist Party to drum up support for another war. British fascists are tied closely to the Thule Group, the Golden Dawn, etc. Hitler is also trained as a police spy under Captain Mayr of the Bavarian Army Group Command IV. In September, Hitler enters the German Workers Party (DAP), a creation of the Thule Society. Hitler, still in the Army, is assigned espionage duties.

1919 Hitler’s military intelligence operation engaged in domestic terrorism. Rohm takes Hitler to see Dietrich Eckart, the morphine addict who heads the German Thule Society. 1920 In Germany, the DAP becomes the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party).

1920 Montague Norman achieves governorship of the Bank of England until 1944. It was Norman who decided that Hitler should get help from London's financial sector to build his influence against the Bolsheviks in Germany in 1934. 1920 Britain declares its opium war against the United States. Prohibition in the U.S. brings narcotics trafficking and large-scale organized crime into the U.S. 1920 Banking panic of 1920. Federal Reserve orders bank to recall loans. …1920 William Donovan meets Adolph Hitler at Berchtesgaden and Pension Moritz. 1920 Period begins where 400 political figures in Germany are assassinated.

1923 Nazis assassinate all political opposition. Ernst Rohm is killed and the German military is consolidated under Hitler. 1923 In Germany, massive inflation takes place as the Reichbank issues a total of 92.8 quintillion paper marks. One pound of butter = 6 trillion marks. 1923 U.S. President Harding dies mysteriously after reading a coded message. 1923 U.S. Congressman Stephen Porter passes a bill through Congress calling for import quotas on opium that would reduce consumption 90%, leaving the remaining 10% for “medical purposes.” 1924 William Donovan comes to Washington D.C. at the request of Harlan Stone, one of Donovan’s professors at Columbia, to become Asst. Attorney General of the U.S. Donovan requests Edgar Hoover’s removal from FBI, but Stone appoints him to head the agency.



to be continued…

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